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“CJ is someone who cares! He’s someone who is devoted and he is definitely someone who makes fitness fun. One of the things that I think really makes a huge difference to me is that I can also count on CJ, to be a friend ”


“Most importantly, I know I can trust C.J. I know he has my best interest at heart! C.J. truly wants to help people be the best versions of themselves.”


“I strongly recommend CJ! I think beyond being among the best in the industry, he’s a trustworthy person and he’s always there! He’s a great listener! He’s able to adjust the program depending on where we are and where I want to be.”


“So I never would have thought that personal training would turn into something where I would enjoy doing, but I love it now! I even found a pretty good friend out of all this.”


“CJ is very patient and he shows me the best way to do things. He’s always there when I have questions and he’s always there when I take more than two days off to be like, hey, when are we working out? So it’s nice to have that backing. I am definitely stronger, healthier, and happier. I eat better. I sleep better. You know, I’m just better overall. So thank you, C.J.”


“C.J. is the most upbeat, positive, genuine and inspirational guy that I have ever met and likely will ever meet. I highly recommend him and he has made me a better person inside and out, and I’m sure he will do the same for you!”


“CJ makes you feel like you have a friend in your corner helping you to reach your goals. In just over a year, I am stronger, my form is the best it has ever been and I know that with CJ’s guidance and encouragement, I’m well on my way to reaching my goals. I highly recommend CJ’s programs!”