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Workout with me

Workout at home or in the gym with expert in-app
guidance from celebrity trainer CJ Koegel.

$19.99 USD on a monthly plan

$119.94 USD on a yearly plan

Track your progress and plan your workouts

Koegel Fitness encourages you to get closer to your goals week by week. Your workouts progress gradually, increasing the intensity in each workout. This will help you get stronger week by week. When you’re ready to step up the difficulty, Koegel Fitness has everything you need!

Weekly meal plan and shopping lists

Plan your weekly meals with ease using the Koegel Fitness meal plan. All recipes have been created to help you achieve your health and fitness goals while enjoying convenient and delicious meals. With automated shopping lists, food shopping is made easy so you’ll always have something healthy to eat!

Start my programs today

10-45 Minute Workouts

Choose from over 100 short and effective workouts that make finding time for exercise easy

Train Your Way

At home or in the gym – choose a workout that fits your preferred training style

Become More Confident

Koegel Fitness has helped thousands of people to become stronger, fitter, and more confident

Personal Training

45-60 Minute Live Zoom Workouts

1 on 1 workouts help correct your form and keep you accountable

Your Home, Your Gym

At home workouts customized to fit your preferred training style in the comfort your home

Reach Your Goals

CJ Koegel has helped thousands of people to become stronger, fitter, and more confident! It’s your turn!

Custom built workouts for your specific goals

Workout Customized For Your Needs

If you have specific injuries, or limitations, this plan is for you

Your Home, Your Gym

After an in-depth consultation, your at home workouts will be customized to fit your preferred training style, so you can workout at home or the gym

Reach Your Goals

I will keep you accountable and wish you a happy birthday with two way messaging 🙂


Over the past decade as a Wilhelmina model, trainer, author, and expert contributor, I have worked with the most amazing people and fitness brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, Apple, Adidas, FILA, and many more. Being featured in over 1,000 publications has helped me realize when people have fun with fitness, they want to workout more! I look forward to training with you!